Cheap Secondhand Car Battery (Reconditioned Car Batteries)

Most cars manufactured in Singapore come with batteries that have an expected lifespan of about 10yrs in total. When you begin experiencing issues with your car battery, you’ll likely replace it with a new one without thinking about what happens to the old one. You may be surprised to find out that old car batteries are simply scrapped for the metal in them once they are replaced. If you own a car that is getting older and is ready to be out of the car market circulation loop, you may want to consider using a 2nd hand battery if you begin to experience problems with your current one.

At 24hrs Car Battery Replacement, we offer high-quality restored 2nd hand batteries that you can choose to replace your existing battery with instead of paying really high prices for a brand new one. Our 2nd hand batteries go through a comprehensive restoration process to ensure that they’re able to hold and maintain a charge once inside of a vehicle.


Cheap Secondhand Car Battery Quality not compromised

We only accept car batteries for 2nd hand restoration that come from high-quality manufacturers that have established reputations in the industry. This allows us to ensure that the 2nd hand batteries we offer our clients are reliable and safe for use over an extended period of time. Before starting the restoration process, we test and analyze each battery to gather information regarding the voltage and total power output.

Our 2nd hand batteries are available to vehicle owners of all types, so regardless of the make and model of your car you can save money instead of buying a new battery. While our 2nd hand batteries do vary in price, they are very affordably priced according to the specific type of battery model that your vehicle accepts.


Deciding whether to use a secondhand car battery or not

Our expert mechanics will be able to diagnosis the condition of your existing battery to determine whether or not you need a replacement at all. Regardless of when or where your car battery gives out, we’ll be able to help you find the right solution so you can get back on the road in no time.

If it’s determined that your car battery needs to be replaced, our technicians will check to see if a 2nd hand battery is available for your specific vehicle type. If your vehicle is compatible with one of our 2nd hand batteries, you’ll be able to save money instead of buying a factory new one without sacrificing your vehicle’s safety or reliability.


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