The Best 5 Car Battery Brands in Singapore (2022 Guide)

The car battery is undoubtedly one of the most important components in your car as it provides it power to function. Nowadays, most of the car batteries commonly used in the world are lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid battery technology has undergone more than one hundred years of development, and has made significant breakthroughs in power storage, cycle life, and high and low temperature adaptability.

On the other hand, the automobile industry is developing rapidly towards electrification, intelligence, automation, and networking. The rapid increase of on-board electronic equipment continues to raise the power supply standard of automobile batteries.Hence increasing demand for more powerful car batteries.

Here, we have specially selected our picks for the best car battery brands in Singapore (2021 Guide). At present, car batteries have become a component that must be paid attention to during the daily maintenance of vehicles. High-quality and more durable batteries has became a more important criteria for car owners when purchasing. We hope the handpicked list of the best car battery brands will help everyone making a better decision before buying a car battery


Best car battery brands in the market 2022 — High-quality and Durable


Amaron Car Battery

Amaron is also the top-selling car battery brand for the Indian vehicle market offering batteries for all types of vehicles even bikes. Amaron batteries carry a lot of power boosting the overall performance of your vehicle which is why so many people love their car battery products. Amaron car batteries require zero-maintenance and comes with various specifications to suit your vehicles.


Varta Car Battery

Varta is a German-based car battery company that offers technologically advanced car batteries for many different vehicles. Varta car batteries are very high-quality and last a long time which makes them a good investment for vehicle owners who are serious about maintaining their ride. Varta car batteries work to constantly optimize the power output, consumption, and voltage according to your driving habits and style. This allows you to gain optimal performance out of your car all the time.


Exide Car Battery

Exide has been around since 1888 and they offer a huge selection of vehicle batteries for standard cars, commercial vehicles, and even forklifts. Exide car batteries give your car maximum power capacity and steady performance so that you can maintain a smooth ride at all times. Exide batteries last a very long time and are very safe which is why they’re one of the top-rated car battery brands in the industry.



Korea Rocket Battery Co., Ltd. is an international new high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of lead-acid batteries. It is also a pioneer in the domestic lead-acid battery industry, integrating product development, production, operation and maintenance and other professional solutions. Additionally, Rocket car battery products are widely used in a variety of fields, including communications, electric vehicles, and electric bicycle batteries.


Bosch Car Battery

Bosch is one of the world's leading auto parts suppliers that provide various auto parts to various auto manufacturers. Bosch remains as one of the best car battery brands in the world as it has proven durability with its high quality components. Bosch also offers a variety of AGM car batteries to suit your high performance vehicle needs.


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