My Car Won’t Start! How to Tell if You Have a Weak or Flat Car Battery?

A flat car battery can cause many inconveniences in our lives, especially on days when we are about to go for an important meeting. Noting the fact that a car battery don't last forever, we should learn how to tell if the battery is about to go flat to prevent further inconveniences. The average lifespan of a car battery in countries with cooler weather is around three years but here in Singapore, where it can be hot and humid, it may be considerably less, perhaps about two years.

If you’re stuck and your car won’t start, how do you tell if it’s the relatively low-cost problem of your car battery? Read on to find out...


7 Signs You Have a Flat Car Battery (Nearly Dead Car Battery)

1. Is there a pause before your engine starts?

If you try and start your car and the starter motor hesitates – or even failing to start eventually making a “click” sound, it is a sure sign that your car battery is dying. As the car battery components age, they become less efficient and are no longer able to produce enough charge to start the car. While this may be annoying, it’s considerably a small problem and a car battery replacement would solve the issue.

2. Are your car headlights dimmer than usual?

If your car does manage to start after a few tries, do also check your car headlight. Your car’s electrical components are all dependent on your car battery. Therefore, an early sign that indicates that your battery is reaching the final days of its life is dim headlights. However, newer cars with LED headlights may not show signs of dimming – but they are likely to flicker, so keep an eye out for that.

3. Is the battery warning light coming on?

The battery warning check light sometimes comes on if the car battery charging component — the car alternator, is developing a fault or not functioning properly. That being said, a faulty alternator would eventually cause a flat car battery. These warning lights come on for a reason, so don’t ignore them and get your car checked by a professional.

4. Do you notice a bad smell coming from the car battery?

If you have a bad car battery, it can sometimes start to smell like sulphur (rotten eggs). This odour is a symptom of a leaking car battery and a sign that you need a car battery replacement. Fortunately, this is easily done by our team of experienced mechanics and your car will be back to normal in no time.

5. How long have you had the car battery for?

Once your battery gets past its two years mark, it may be nearing the end of its car battery lifespan. It also depends on your driving style(long or short drives), the climate, weather, and so on. If you’ve started to notice your car is no longer quick to start and your car battery is a little over a year old, it’s a good idea to get it checked and get a fresh new car battery replacement than wait for a flat car battery.

6. Are there corrosion seen on the car battery terminals?

Release the hood of your vehicle and take a look at the car battery. The 2 car battery terminals with cables labelled positive and negative that are connected to the battery should be in good condition. If they’re suffering from corrosion you may begin to have voltage issues and find it difficult to start your car. If you believe this is the issue, you’ll need an experienced mechanic to replace the battery terminals.

7. Is the car battery's casing in good shape?

Finally, if you’re still not sure if your car battery is the problem, take a look at the car battery casing or housing. In most cars, the battery is easily seen and accessible for this reason, but there are a few vehicles that makes it more challenging. Take a look at the housing and examine for visible cracks or swelling. If you notice any abnormality, quic get a car battery replacement professional to inspect, diagnose and rectify the problem.


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