The Best 24HR Car Tyre Repair Service in Singapore

Nothing is more terrifying than an unexpected car tyre puncture or blowout and it’s important that you have access to fast and reliable car tyre repair service. Also, every car owner would likely to have experienced a flat car tyre at least once, or unluckily mulitple times during their ownership.

From, onsite car tyre repair, car tyre puncture repair to car tyre replacement as our speciality. We provide these comprehensive tyre repair services to drivers who are dealing with an unexpected tyre puncture regardless of where it happens.


What is a Car Tyre Repair Service?

Car tyre puncture no more with the best car tyre repair service in Singapore

Car Tyre Repair Service is the repair of a tyre leak caused by a puncture by a sharp object so it is back to normal. However, this service is not applicable to all kinds of tyre damage.Therefore it is necessary to preliminary assess the tyres before deciding on whether it may be repaired. That being said, a car tyre repair service can come in real handy when you least expects it.

What are the types of car tyre repair services?

There are 3 main types of tyre repairs, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's find out more about the different types and the kind of repair that are best suited for your tyres.

1. Cold Patch Tyre Repair

This type of tyre repair are least expensive but can repair certain punctures quickly and efficiently. They're usually recycled from discared used tyres and are usually very lightweight and convenient to bring around. Note that, these repairs often requires the flat tyres to be removed from the car wheel using a tyre changer and used to patch from inside the tyres. However, it is more suitable for a tyre puncture has not fully deflated or require immediate assistance.

Firstly, if you notice that your car tyres are flat before getting on the road, you should avoid driving your vehicle at all costs. Attempting to drive your car with a flat tyre will put your car tyres in significant risk for irreparable damage. With no air supporting the total weight of your vehicle, all of the force applied to your tyres while driving will be transferred to your car tyre sidewalls.The damage may be severe and dangerous causing symptoms such as loose wheel bearings, uneven tyre rotation, and a lot more. Car tyre punctures that occur while driving can put you at serious risk of having a fatal accident.

Without sufficient air in your car tyres, you won’t be able to properly control the steering mechanisms of your vehicle. It’s always a best practice to pull over when you notice your car beginning to drive erratically so that you can know what the exact cause of the issue is. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about diagnosing your car tyres problems alone.

Regardless of what causes your tyre to become flat, our team of highly trained roadside mechanics will be able to solve the issue in no time. One of the methods we use to help those vehicle owners dealing with a flat tyre is tyre puncture repair. Our trye puncture patching services allow you to get a quick non-permanent fix to your flat tyre problems so that you can go to the nearest vehicle service facility to get the exact assistance that you need.


Engage our reliable Car Tyre Repair Service.

Not all punctured tyres can be patched or repaired, in order for your tyres to qualify for patching, it must be punctured in very specific places. If there are any holes or leaks in areas outside of the acceptable zones, you will need to replace the tyre completely. When you call us, our service technicians will respond to your tyre repair request very quickly so that you can get back on the road in no time.

Once we arrive at your location, our tyre specialists will proceed to unmount your tyre from the wheel of your vehicle. After unmounting, our technician will determine whether or not your tyre can be repaired. If it’s determined that your car tyre is not in repairable condition, we will either replace your tyre with a spare or lend you one so that you can make it to the nearest repair facility.

Once it’s decided that you need a spare, our specialist will re-mount your tyre to the wheel axis of your vehicle and check all of the connections to ensure an exact fit. Our tyre repair technician will also check the tyre pressure of the spare to ensure that it matches perfectly with the rest of your tyres to ensure that you have a smooth and even ride.

If a spare tyre still won’t solve your car tyre problems, we can tow your vehicle to your preferred repair or vehicle maintenance facility safely and quickly.

All of our tyre repair and patching services are carried out by expertly trained mechanics who have years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving reliable and trustworthy service.