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24 Hour Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service Singapore Why Us

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 HR Car Battery Services | Providing On-site 24hrs roadside assistance service in Singapore. We put in all efforts to get our customers back on the road at the shortest time. We have a few vehicle on the road loaded with new car batteries going around Singapore to rescue stranded vehicles.
  • Clear and Professional 24 HR HotlineWhen a customer call us, we will guide them to run a few tests on their vehicle to identify the causes of the breakdown because there might be other factors why the vehicle is unable to start up. For example,  you might have faulty parts like the alternator, electrical, starter motor, fuel pump, parasitic drain and etc. After the diagnosis, we give clear information about the problem of your vehicle and an estimated time of arrival to reach your location and get your car battery replacement done.
  • Shortest Time of Arrival | Once your call is confirmed, we usually dispatch the nearest mobile mechanic to reach your location within 30 minutes. The whole process of the car battery replacement or Tyre Repair will be done within 10 – 20 mins by our professional mechanic so to get you back on the road again.
  • Diagnosing Upon arrival, We will use vehicle battery analyzer to identify the cause of the problem and before we get your car battery replace, we will insert a device (memory saver) to prevent loss of ECU setting, radio, time and etc. After job completion, We will provide a free alternator and starter motor check to confirm the condition of the hardware.
  • Maintenance | After we done our car battery replacement for your vehicle, Our mechanic will inspect the car battery terminal and cable whether there are any corrosion on it, if so we will replace and clean it up by using formulated solution to neutralize acid residue to ensure your car battery is in a good environment to prolong its lifespan.
  • The Best Car Battery | We know every car owners wishes for a long lasting car battery to prevent unnecessary breakdown, That is why we choose AMARON and HOPPECKE as they have been in this market for a long time and have been strictly tested by us for a few years for its durability. We normally do not stock up car batteries at our warehouse, we replenish it every week from our agent and suppliers whereby the car batteries are fresh from the cargo. Stocked up car batteries that are left on the shelf for a period of time will shorten the lifespan. We often receive doubts from Customers saying, ” Why does car batteries doesn’t last more than one year and I will have to get my car battery replace again”. The reason pertaining to this issue is that car batteries might be a stocked up for a few months before selling it or replacing it into your vehicle.
  • Experience Mechanics | Our mechanic are well-trained and have many years of experience to fix all kind of vehicles (Continental/Japanese cars, Minibuses, Vans and Lorries)
  • Best Price Guarantee (No Hidden Charges) | Prices quoted from us over the phone are fixed, There are no additional fees or hidden cost incurred when we reach your location.
  • Convenience Payment Mode | We accept CASHNETS and CREDIT CARD payment for our customers.

CONTACT US for more information.Have some questions to ask us? we have FAQS page to answer your questions.

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