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Welcome to our DIY page aka Do It Yourself

How to clean your car battery terminal if it’s corroded | Simply get some baking soda, small toothbrush with some water mix it in together, use the toothbrush dip it with the solution and brush against the corrosion and wait for a few minutes before using clear water to wash it away. * repeat the process if there still corrosion after you clean it up. alternatively, you can use boiled water to pour onto the car battery terminal to remove the corrosion. remember after you clean it up best you can put on some battery grease to prevent it from happening again.

How to jump start your car | Simply get a set of a thick jump start cable, why we need thick jumper cable? The thickness of jumper cables is measured in the same way as any other wire or cable. Since the purpose of a jumper cable is to transmit enough power from one car battery to another to start a car, the best jump start cables will be the ones that are capable of transmitting the most energy. Thicker cables can transmit more electrical current than thin ones. Alternatively, you can engage us for car battery recovery if you are unfamiliar with it.

How to replace a car battery | Before you get your car battery replacement, remember always turn off your engine before changing your car battery, Remember to remove the battery GROUND wire first. In most cars that’s the negative side, The reason is if you accidentally touch your wrench or ratchet to the ground while removing the positive terminal, you’d get major sparks and have chances to damage your alternator and ECU.

How to replace a spare Tyre | Always remember to loosen the rim lugs before you jack up your car to remove the rim out of the car for Tyre repair, failure to do so you will have difficulty loosen the rim lugs later on.

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