Car Tyre Repair: Tyre Rotation and Spare Tyres

Is it wise to rotate and use your tyres?
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There are many ideas and practices that are followed with a single intention – avoid a car tyre repair and increase the longevity of the existing one. One such practice that many of us tend to follow is to rotate and use the tyres of the car. The main intention behind this logic of switching the positions of the front and back tyres of the car was to wear them off at an even rate. Since, the rear tyres of a car need to be healthy at every point of your ride; hence, if they got affected we would tend to switch them with the front tyres.

However, according to experts, this is not advisable. The cause of rotating the tyres should ultimately be fixed. Rotation might be a temporary solution but if used in the long run, it might prove to be not a wise decision. The defective tyre might lead to a puncture at any point of time which in turn can lead you to an uncalled for situation.  The steering effect caused by deflation of the front set of tyres is more controllable than that caused by the rear set. Thus, it will be easier for you to handle the car effectively in such a situation.

Whenever you go to a tyre service centre or ask for expert advice, you would be said to fit the healthiest tyre having adequate treads, at the rear side of the car. The ideal way to avoid any hassles would be to get a faulty tyre replaced, with one that fulfils every criteria.


The importance of keeping spare tyres for your car!

I don’t think anyone has the slightest doubt whether anything that is kept for spare, is helpful or not. It is, though, to tell you about how important it is when it comes to car tyre repair that a spare one comes in handy.

Not all of us are expert mechanics and hence, when we get stuck in the middle of a deserted road with a tyre failure, it is the spare one that can save our day. There are lots of causes that might lead a tyre to become faulty, puncture or pressure to say a few. In these situations, you should keep a few tools, like a jack and wrench, to say the least, as well with you, so that you can get on with the tyre replacement by yourself.

You should know where exactly you should put the pressure to lift the car and get the faulty tyre replaced with the spare one. If you haven’t done the activity before, do get your car manual with you.

While buying a spare tyre, do check that the composition and brand of the tyre matches one of the rear tyres of your car. The rear ones are the most important and likely to require repairing. When you are keeping your spare tyre in your car, do keep it in a clean place and away from any kind of sharp objects. Also, do a regular check of the pressure content and tread depth of the spare tyre as well, just like you do with the ones that are fitted to the vehicle. This will ensure that you can use it whenever it is required.

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