HOPPECKE Car Battery

When looking for car battery replacement for your car, Hoppecke Car Battery is one of the few brand names that you’re sure to come across. They have been in the industry since 1927, and their developments have made breaking news all over the world. In 2001, Johnson Controls (also the owner of Amaron Car battery and Varta Car battery) acquired control over Hoppecke’s Car batteries operations.

Car batteries from different brands abound at every store, online or otherwise. While you’re going to read about Hoppecke Car Battery at some point, you may be surprised at how difficult it could be to actually get hold of one online. That being said, many people online turn to other alternatives that are easier to find. Few of Hoppecke’s closest competitor are the following:

Amaron Car Battery

Established in 2000, Amaron Car Battery is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, car battery manufacturer in Asia and Australia. It is said that around half of all cars in Singapore currently uses Amaron. Car Batteries in this brand are marketed as zero-maintenance and long-lasting, and the fact that they are in an affordable price range makes them a very close competitor to Hoppecke car battery.


Hoppecke Car Battery has been on top of the industrial battery market since 1927, and it’s their desire to perfect sustainability that has kept them there. While their car batteries may not be as readily available and as affordable as others, theirs do have the high quality that not many companies could claim. Though many competitors have come close, Hoppecke car battery remains on top with their large following in the industrial and commercial sectors.


All Hoppecke car batteries replaced by us is cover for warranty period of:

  • 12 month for petrol vehicle
  • 6 month for diesel vehicle

*Warranty covered battery manufacturer defect ONLY.

All car batteries replaced by us if there are any manufacturer defects, we will have it 1 for 1 replacement at no charges incurred.

An onsite fee will be payable if the car battery is not due to manufacturer defect.

Example, The alternator is not charging, The starter motor is not working or engine malfunction.

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