24 Hour Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service Singapore FAQs


Why can’t i start my car?

There a few common problems why a car can’t start, example: faulty fuel pump, faulty starter motor solenoid, faulty alternator or a dead/flat car battery.

What kind of services we providing?

we are a mobile recovery company that provide On-site Car Battery ReplacementTyre Repair and Towing Service.

What are the information that require when engaging your service?

We will require:

  • car model
  • vehicle registration number
  • your location

please refer to our Calling Guide

Do i need to fix an appointment when engaging your services

Not necessary upon calling us, We will despatch our nearest car recovery team to you at the shortest time.

An appointment can still be scheduled just by providing us with your convenience time and location for us to inform our car recovery team in advance.

How to test that my car battery is dead/flat and not some other reasons?

The following are the 4 symptoms where it is likely to be the faulty parts above

  • Symptom of faulty alternator | When you are in the mid of travelling, your vehicle suddenly stalled you couldn’t get to start your vehicle and when you crank the ignition you notice your speedometer light will be very dim or flickering.
  • Symptom of dead/flat car battery | If your car battery is older than 12 months and you hear continuous clicking sound or no cranking when you crank your stationary vehicle.
  • Symptom of faulty fuel pump | You are able to crank your vehicle but your vehicle just can’t be starting or it might start poorly or stall after you get to start it.
  • Symptom of faulty starter motor | When you try to crank your ignition each time, you only get one click sound and nothing happened.

Brands of battery you use for our vehicle?

We only provide Amaron and Hoppecke battery for our customers as we tested the battery for its durability

Does brands of battery make any difference?

yes, of course, who want a car battery that cannot last? that why we only use products that have been in Singapore and tested by us for it durability.

How long can a car battery normally last?

Depending on the car battery brands and usage of your vehicle

Some of the common problem that leads to a dead car battery

  • Forget to off your car electronics, such as headlight and hazard lights
  • In-car video camera, that run 24 hours
  • A faulty alternator that lead to no charging
  • A faulty brake switch

Will the vehicle setting reset when we replace the battery?

Usually no, We will use a memory saver to back up your setting before we replace your battery unless your vehicle voltage is less den 9 volt as the ECU of the vehicle required minimum 9 volts to sustain the memory settings.

Does backing up my car memory required when replacing my car battery?

yes, unless your car battery voltage is under 9 volts, To sustain the Ecu memory your car battery need at least 9 volts.

Not backing up of car memory when having your car battery replacement will reset all your existing settings, Example: ECU memory, clock, radio and etc

which is not recommended


Does your battery come with a warranty?

All car batteries installed by us (24 hr car battery service ) come with a 12-month warranty for petrol vehicle and 6-month for the diesel vehicle. The warranty cover against car battery manufacturer defects only.

Procedure to claim for battery warranty

Call our hotline at +6591234455 we will assist you. For manufacturer defect, we will do one to one replacement at no cost involve.

* An on-site transport fee will be payable if the issue is not due to car battery defects. *

How long does it take for the recovery team to reach?

Usually, we will reach within 30 -45 minutes. Unless you engage us during peak hours

How long does it take to replace a car battery?

For Japanese make vehicle usually we will replace it within 10 min after we arrived and not more than 30 min for continental make vehicle.

Our operating hours?

our operating time will be 24 hours 7 days a week standby to rescue stranded cars, we are always open even on Sunday or public holiday

we work as a team, not an individual so rest assure our price are fixed even when you call us in the wee hours

Price difference between workshop and our service?

our price for car battery will be the same as car workshop just that we have transport charges for us to go over your location which is $30 extra

What are the payment modes?


What should I do if my Tyre is flat?

If you have been driving with flat Tyre for a period of time before you notice it, your Tyre might be damaged. Call us we will get our mechanic down to get your car Tyre repair. We will try to repair it if the Tyre is beyond repair we will help you to replace your spare Tyre and you will need to proceed to Tyre shop to purchase a new Tyre.

Do i need to replace my Tyre after the Tyre has been repaired?

After the Tyre Repair, you are not required to get your Tyre replace unless your Tyre is bald or damaged

Am i still able to drive after replacing spare Tyre

Of course, Using a spare Tyre is just like any of your existing Tyre. There wouldn’t be any issues.

Any information not provided on top please kindly call us to enquiry.



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