How to jump start a vehicle

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If your car battery failed on you, you can jump start your vehicle by using a thick jump start cable or call for car battery recovery to help you.

Make sure that 3rd vehicle that helps you to jump-start have enough voltage on his car battery.


To safely jump start your vehicle, follow these steps.

  • Get a jump start cables

it’s good to buy and keep a jump start cables inside your vehicle, you won’t know when you need it.

If you don’t have a jump start cables, you’ll have to find a driver who not only willing to help you but has a jump start cables as well

  • Ensure that both of the vehicles are switched off and in parking mode

engage handbrake as well

  • Attach both red clamps to the positive terminal of each car battery
  • Attach both black clamps to the negative terminal of each car battery

* remember to keep the black and red clamp apart, failure to do might lead to battery explode or flurry of sparks

  • Try to start your vehicle

Have the 3rd party to run his engine for five minutes. If it won’t start, either 3rd party car battery voltage is weak, Your jump start cable is not connected properly or your car battery is beyond help.

If you get to start your vehicle, remember to let your vehicle run for 15 to 20 mins to recharge the car battery.

If your car can’t start the next time when you use it, your car battery is not holding the charge and you might need a car battery replacement.

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