Car Tyre Repair and Replacement 24 Hrs (Singapore)

Car Battery Replacement is one of many services that we offer. Another common problem that our customers faced are Tyre punctured, We also provide car Tyre repair at your convenience with an affordable price and expeditious method to get your car back on track.

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On-Site Mobile Car Tyre Repair/Replacement Service

If your car fails you on its Tyre, There many reasons and chances are your Tyre is punctured by having a nail-striking into the Tyre, Striking kerb that makes the tyre crack on the sidewall, Expired Tyre or your Tyre have been wearing out on the inner part. Therefore, you will need a car Tyre repair or replacement.

Are your Car Tyre repairable? It depends on whether you notice the punctured Tyre while you driving it or when you are about to drive off your car.

If you notice your Tyre punctured while you are driving it, The percentage of repairing your Tyre is equal to 0% why? Because driving with flat Tyre cause the Tyre to be out of shape and beyond repair, Continue to drive with flat Tyre will cause its sidewall to crack and not able to get your car Tyre repair. Unless you are running on run flat Tyres which will give you about 30km to drive before it need car Tyre repair or replacement. Therefore there two ways to solve it if you do not know how to replace the spare Tyre.

  1. Call our HOTLINE. We will despatch our nearest car Tyre repair vehicle over to your location usually, it will take less than 30 minutes to your location, Upon arrival of our mechanic, We will do a full check on the Tyre condition and update you on the Tyre issues whether is it repairable if YES we will patch/repair it on the spot, The whole process of the car Tyre repair done by our well-trained mechanics will take about 10 to 15 mins and by then you are able to go back on road again. If not we will help you to change to your spare Tyre and you will need to go your designated Tyre shop to get your Tyre replace. If you do not have a spare Tyre on your vehicle we will loan it to you and must be returned to us once you got your Tyre replaced.

  2. You can call a Tow truck to Tow to the Tyre shop for the replacement but is not recommended. why? Calling a Towing Service to tow your car to the nearest Tyre shop due to Tyre puncture is not worth the time waiting and the costly towing fee and you might have a risk of damaging your car body kit.

Has some question on your mind? Take a look at our FAQS.

  • If you decide to replace the spare Tyre on your own and unsure about the procedures please take a look at the VIDEO



  • Do not allow anyone to replace a new Tyre for your vehicle without proper dismantle machinery you might have a risk of getting your rims scratch or even warp by doing so.
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Photo of damaged Tyre
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Photo of inner Tyre crack
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