Causes of Dead Car Battery

What Causes a Car Battery to Die?
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We all know how bad it is to face a situation like having a car with a dead battery. It is kind of a dead situation from where we can’t just do much other than being helpless. This actually leads us to a very important aspect about all car batteries. What are the causes leading to a battery getting inactive? Knowing the reasons will not only help us getting things resolved faster but shall also allow use to keep these aspects in mind and prevent such a situation from arising. It becomes all the more important since these factors are really simple to monitor once you know about them.

The foremost factor is the usage of a car. For a battery to function properly, it needs to complete its cycle of getting charged and discharged. The more abnormality in a cycle, the more quickly you shall come across a dead battery. Hence, you should use your car more generously for long drives, so that it gets an adequate chance of getting fully charged. We often tend to leave our car in the garage for a long time. This results in the engine behaving oddly when turned on. The factor becomes considerably important when we use more electrical units plugged to the car’s charge points. The consumption gets increased while the accumulation remains inadequate.

Overnight battery drainage is quite a common issue. This is sometimes due to our carelessness while at times it depends on other factors. We tend to often keep a certain electrical unit in the car turned on before parking the car for the night. This leads to an overnight constant drainage of battery. If it is due to factors other than this, we should be all the more alert and do timely car battery servicing.

You can do the basic maintenance of a car battery by yourself or by visiting a service centre. If you are doing by yourself, you should check from time to time that the cables connected to the battery have not become loose. The area where the battery is located and the surface of the battery should be kept clean and free from corrosion. Also, the terminals of the battery should be having a proper balance of acid and water maintained. If you are driving in humid environmental conditions, do check for the water content and fill with distilled water, if required.

At times, we can do nothing much, if we come across a dead battery. There might be some problems with the battery from the time it was manufactured. In such a case, opting for a car battery replacement is the only way out.

A good, timely maintenance does help in getting the most out of your battery and using it for the maximum time. However, having said that, a car battery has an average lifespan of up to 3 years. If your battery is getting old, don’t hesitate to go for a car battery replacement. The more delay you do, the worse are the consequences on the vehicle.


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