Calling Guide

Can’t get to start your car or you notice your car Tyre is deflated for some reasons and you doesn’t have confidence doing it yourself – Don’t worry we are here to help all car owners with On-site Tyre repair and car battery replacement service, We are the professionals. Give us the following information and we will get you back on the road as soon as possible.


1. Test 

  • Sometimes when you are unable to start your car, it might not be the car battery that is giving you the problem so call us we will guide you to run a few tests to confirm.

2. Car Make / Model & Location

  • Car brand, model: ( eg.) “Nissan sunny
  • Give us your location: (eg. Woodland, Tampines, Orchard)

3. Quote & Confirm 

  • Different car fitted with different sizes of car battery, we will provide the size and cost of your Car model Battery and once confirmed, we will send you an SMS
  • Please reply us with the following details (exact location) with postal code ”if possible”, where you park your car eg. basement carpark (B1, B2, B3) or multi-storey carpark (eg. Deck 3a) with your car model and car number plate
  • The nearest recovery mechanic will be dispatched out to rescue you, Our mechanic will call or SMS you the ETA (estimated time of arrival) if possible help us to open your car bonnet to let our mechanic able to spot your car, Normally we will reach less than 30 min if the traffic is smooth.

4. Checking and installation (Car Battery)

  • Test the current car battery condition to double confirm and replace only if the car battery is faulty or dead.
  • Backup of existing electronic setting, if possible
  • Removing of the old car battery and install the new car battery
  • Checking of car battery terminal (corrosion)
  • Test the starter and alternator(charging system) to confirm the charging is sufficient to keep the new car battery charged up while the engine is running
  • Take back the old car battery for proper disposal

5. Checking and Repair (Car Tyre)

  • Remove the rim from the car with proper jack and tools
  • Checking on current condition of the Tyre
  • On-site repair if the existing car Tyre is repairable if not we will change a spare Tyre
  • Head to the Tyre shop to replace your non-repairable Tyre to a brand new Tyre

6. Payment 

  • We will issue an invoice aka receipt with the car battery warranty card  ( please keep it in case you might need to claim on-site warranty )
  • We accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Diners and AMEX for all our customers.
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