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How do you know if it’s the alternator or the car battery causing your car problems?
September 19, 2019

Your One-Stop Replace Car Battery Guide

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Everything you need to know replace car battery in Singapore

Replace Car Battery Singapore

Imagine returning home late at night after a long day in the office, only to have your car battery go flat. Stranded in the middle of the road, you’re frustrated and clueless. The weather is hot, the vehicle is down and you’re unsure about the mechanics of your vehicle. Such a situation has happened to many - and it is anything but pleasant.

Knowledge about your car’s battery and electrical system is absolutely crucial for such situations. Our mechanics at 24Hrs Car Battery Services have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about your car batteries. This information might come in handy when you least expect.

What are the basic components of a car battery and electrical system?

Car Battery

Batteries contain chemical compounds (lead-acid mix). Until your vehicle starts, the car battery converts the chemical energy into electrical energy. The car battery then provides the current to the ignition and fuel systems.

Starter Motor

The battery supplies power to the starter motor which is responsible for kick-starting the engine.


When your engine is already running, the alternator works with the battery to generate power for the electrical system. The alternator also provides power to recharge the battery.

How long does a car battery last?

While the lifespan of car batteries in Singapore is typically 1 to 2 years, a variety of factors can shorten the life of your car battery. Cars installed with multiple peripherals like dash cams, GPS systems and phone chargers have higher energy consumption. This will lead to faster depletion of car battery. Constant exposure to Singapore’s scorching temperatures also accelerate car battery drainage.

What are the warning signs that indicate my car battery might go flat soon?

Electrical systems are often affected first when your car battery wears. Perform a regular battery health check to avoid being stranded in the middle of the road.

1. Slow engine crank

If the cranking of the engine during start-up takes longer than usual to start, don’t ignore it. Slow engine crank means that your car battery is not supplying enough electrical energy to start the engine.

2. Check engine light

The check engine light comes on if your car battery is weak since a weak battery affects the performance of the engine.

3. Swelling of battery case

A bloated battery case indicates that it is too old or has been exposed to excessive heat. While a swollen battery can still function normally, it has a short lifespan and can go flat at any time.

4. Smell of rotten eggs

Car batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy. If your car battery is leaking this chemical mixture, the distinct rotten smell of sulfur may arise.

5. Low battery fluid level

Low fluid levels indicates that the battery is overcharging or overly exposed to heat. You can inspect the translucent casing of your car battery to check the fluid level. If the fluid level is below the lead plates, the battery and charging system should be tested.

Old Car Batteries

How does an old battery affect my car’s performance?

Old, weak batteries may affect the performance of the charging system, starter motor or starter solenoid parts. When the battery lacks power, your alternator and starter are subjected to higher stress. With the alternator continuously drawing excessive voltage, the lifespan of the alternator shortens. This leads to more side-effects, including higher fuel consumption, inefficient performance of car accessories like dashboards and overheating of vehicle engines.

If you are already facing these side-effects, it might be best to replace your car’s battery before the rest of the electrical parts fail. At 24Hrs Car Battery Services, our technicians will perform a checkup on your car battery life. After diagnosis, they will recommend the best option to maximise your vehicle performance.

How do you know if the alternator is faulty?

The alternator and battery have a mutually dependent relationship. The car battery supplies the electrical current to the starter when it is off. Meanwhile, the alternator charges the battery and fuels the electrical systems when the car is on. Therefore, a faulty alternator means that your battery will continue to drain.

Fortunately, there are obvious signs that indicate whether your alternator isn’t providing your battery with sufficient electricity.

1. Flickering lights [car battery warning light]

If the warning lights like the ‘Check Engine’ come on and off, the car battery could be going flat. This occurs because the battery is unable to supply current to the electrical systems including lighting. This could mean that your alternator is faulty since your battery is not receiving a charge.

2. Slow engine crank

A slow engine crank could also mean that your alternator is not charging your battery. You might still be unsure whether it is the alternator or battery which results in poor vehicular performance. Our mechanics are here to assist you and provide an accurate diagnosis for you.

Flat Car Battery Icon

What to do if my car battery goes flat on the road?

Our mechanics are on call 24/7. We are ready to respond to vehicle breakdown incidents in the West, North-East, East, North and Central regions. We are always equipped to perform mobile, on-site replace car battery.

Simply dial our emergency hotline 91234455. Our mechanics will deploy to your location in approximately 30 minutes. Our experts are equipped with the necessary tools to diagnose your vehicle’s car battery status. They will also provide you with accurate information on your car’s malfunction.

Not all batteries require full replacement. Your battery current could just possibly been lost. Our technicians are equipped to provide reliable car battery jump start service. This will save you cost and time.

However, if the car battery is dead, our mechanics can replace your car battery on-site.

Our car batteries are sourced only from trusted, quality brands. Specifically, we carry top-selling car batteries such as Amaron, Varta and Exide. When replacing your car battery, our mechanics ensure that only batteries with the right specifications are used. The batteries are always fresh since they are regularly restocked. All our customers are entitled to a 6- to 12-months car battery warranty.

Our services

Apart from our signature 24Hrs mobile on-site battery replacement services, we provide a range of other services.

These include: ● Onsite Car Tyre repair ● Onsite car battery jumpstart ● Car towing services

You no longer have to worry about car breakdowns, just dial our hotline and we will be there to rescue you.


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