Car Tyre Repair: Tyre Rotation and Spare Tyres

Is it wise to rotate and use your tyres?
24 Hours Car Tyre Repair Services Singapore Tyre Rotation
There are many ideas and practices that are followed with a single intention – avoid a car tyre repair and increase the longevity of the existing one. One such practice that many of us tend to follow is to rotate and use the tyres of the car. The main intention behind this logic of switching the positions of the front and back tyres of the car was to wear them off at an even rate. Since, the rear tyres of a car need to be healthy at every point of your ride; hence, if they got affected we would tend to switch them with the front tyres.

However, according to experts, this is not advisable. The cause of rotating the tyres should ultimately be fixed. Rotation might be a temporary solution but if used in the long run, it might prove to be not a wise decision. The defective tyre might lead to a puncture at any point of time which in turn can lead you to an uncalled for situation.  The steering effect caused by deflation of the front set of tyres is more controllable than that caused by the rear set. Thus, it will be easier for you to handle the car effectively in such a situation.

Whenever you go to a tyre service centre or ask for expert advice, you would be said to fit the healthiest tyre having adequate treads, at the rear side of the car. The ideal way to avoid any hassles would be to get a faulty tyre replaced, with one that fulfils every criteria.


The importance of keeping spare tyres for your car!

I don’t think anyone has the slightest doubt whether anything that is kept for spare, is helpful or not. It is, though, to tell you about how important it is when it comes to car tyre repair that a spare one comes in handy.

Not all of us are expert mechanics and hence, when we get stuck in the middle of a deserted road with a tyre failure, it is the spare one that can save our day. There are lots of causes that might lead a tyre to become faulty, puncture or pressure to say a few. In these situations, you should keep a few tools, like a jack and wrench, to say the least, as well with you, so that you can get on with the tyre replacement by yourself.

You should know where exactly you should put the pressure to lift the car and get the faulty tyre replaced with the spare one. If you haven’t done the activity before, do get your car manual with you.

While buying a spare tyre, do check that the composition and brand of the tyre matches one of the rear tyres of your car. The rear ones are the most important and likely to require repairing. When you are keeping your spare tyre in your car, do keep it in a clean place and away from any kind of sharp objects. Also, do a regular check of the pressure content and tread depth of the spare tyre as well, just like you do with the ones that are fitted to the vehicle. This will ensure that you can use it whenever it is required.

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Causes of Dead Car Battery

What Causes a Car Battery to Die?
24 Hrs Mobile Car Battery Replacement Services Singapore Dead Car Battery

We all know how bad it is to face a situation like having a car with a dead battery. It is kind of a dead situation from where we can’t just do much other than being helpless. This actually leads us to a very important aspect about all car batteries. What are the causes leading to a battery getting inactive? Knowing the reasons will not only help us getting things resolved faster but shall also allow use to keep these aspects in mind and prevent such a situation from arising. It becomes all the more important since these factors are really simple to monitor once you know about them.

The foremost factor is the usage of a car. For a battery to function properly, it needs to complete its cycle of getting charged and discharged. The more abnormality in a cycle, the more quickly you shall come across a dead battery. Hence, you should use your car more generously for long drives, so that it gets an adequate chance of getting fully charged. We often tend to leave our car in the garage for a long time. This results in the engine behaving oddly when turned on. The factor becomes considerably important when we use more electrical units plugged to the car’s charge points. The consumption gets increased while the accumulation remains inadequate.

Overnight battery drainage is quite a common issue. This is sometimes due to our carelessness while at times it depends on other factors. We tend to often keep a certain electrical unit in the car turned on before parking the car for the night. This leads to an overnight constant drainage of battery. If it is due to factors other than this, we should be all the more alert and do timely car battery servicing.

You can do the basic maintenance of a car battery by yourself or by visiting a service centre. If you are doing by yourself, you should check from time to time that the cables connected to the battery have not become loose. The area where the battery is located and the surface of the battery should be kept clean and free from corrosion. Also, the terminals of the battery should be having a proper balance of acid and water maintained. If you are driving in humid environmental conditions, do check for the water content and fill with distilled water, if required.

At times, we can do nothing much, if we come across a dead battery. There might be some problems with the battery from the time it was manufactured. In such a case, opting for a car battery replacement is the only way out.

A good, timely maintenance does help in getting the most out of your battery and using it for the maximum time. However, having said that, a car battery has an average lifespan of up to 3 years. If your battery is getting old, don’t hesitate to go for a car battery replacement. The more delay you do, the worse are the consequences on the vehicle.


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How to Tell if your Alternator is Faulty?

A problem with your car’s alternator? – How to tell?

24 Hour Mobile Car Tyre Repair Service Singapore Alternator

A car breakdown is not always due to a faulty car battery! An alternator is one among the three most important components comprising the charging unit of a car. It is the alternator that drives power from the battery in order to generate adequate electricity for the entire car. It is mainly located in front of the engine of the car. Now that we got an idea about the importance of an alternator let us see the symptoms that will indicate us of a faulty alternator. It is not that easy to get to know about it. You need to have a good idea about your car.

Firstly, a voltmeter or multimeter would be the handiest option. It is good to keep one in your stock; you will get it from any automotive repair shops. Both of them helps you to check the voltage of the alternator. Now, check whether all connections of the alternator are set properly and keep the settings in the voltmeter to 20 V. Turn on the engine of your car and connect the red positive ends of the multimeter and alternator. Put the black negative end of the multimeter to a metallic surface on the car. A good alternator should now show a reading of around 14 Volts on the multimeter. Anything above that reading indicates a fault with the alternator. If the reading is lower than that, then you should once again check the connections. Then turn off the engine and turn it on once more. Check the readings and if it is still low, then again it is to do with your alternator. It needs replacement.

You can also check for the output reading of the alternator. For this, you would require an amp gauge connected to the alternator. You need to turn on all the electrical units including air conditioner and lights inside the car. Turn on the engine so as to put pressure on the alternator. In such a scenario, ideally, the voltmeter reading should increase significantly than when everything was turned off. Well, if the reading is higher, your alternator is safe. If you see that there is nothing unusual about the readings, then it’s a test for your ears now. Try to hear for some unusual sound coming out of the front side of the vehicle; especially when all electrical units are kept on. If you get to hear it, then there are chances of something being wrong with the alternator.

Another interesting way to check the alternator is by using the radio of the car. You need to turn on the radio slowly and put on a channel bearing a low pitch. In parallel to that, keep the engine of the car on and keep accelerating sharply. You will get to hear unusual sounds coming from the radio in case there is a problem with the alternator.

As part of regular servicing of your car, don’t miss a chance to test your alternator as well. However, if some electrical unit of your car, presumably the headlights, stop to work suddenly or there are other indications to prove there is something wrong with the alternator; it is best to get to a service centre because the problem might be something to do with fuse or wiring as well.

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Car Tyre Care: Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Ways to Keep the Tyres of Your Car Fit and Running

24 Hour Mobile Car Tyre Repair Service Singapore Patching
There can’t be absolutely any conflicts regarding the importance of tyres when it comes to a car. It is equivalent to the legs of a man, or probably more than that, without which we just can’t budge an inch. Also, since they are the base of movement of a car, hence it is highly important to maintain the tyres very effectively to keep things on the right track.

There are various factors that can help you protect your car tyres.

  • The foremost factor that comes into play is the selection of tyre for your car. They should always be of the best quality. Check factors like the size, texture, durability, warranty, service and reviews before buying a car tyre. The reason why a tyre holds such importance is that, it is the only surface area that holds the weight of your car and makes contact with the ground. Add to it the various driving features like speed and brakes, which the tyre has to balance while controlling the car.

  • The grip of a car is directly dependent on its tread depth. Normally the tread depth of a tyre is its 75%, which is around 1.6mm. You need to check the tread depth of your car tyre on a regular basis. If the depth increases, you need to think of a tyre replacement before it’s too late. Some tyres come along with an indicator which allows you to know if your tyre is wearing off. However, even then, you need to avail servicing of your car on a regular basis.

  • The air pressure in your car’s tyre is another important aspect. Both a lack and an excess of pressure is harmful to the longevity of the tyres and is a safety concern. You should check the pressure of the tyres on a frequent basis as it tends to decrease based on the usage and environmental factors.

  • A car’s balance is heavily dependent on its tyres. Hence, a better balance on the front and rear wheels of the car gives the tyres a longer life. It also ensures a comfortable ride in the car.

  • Utmost care should be taken when it comes to the tires present on the rear side of the car. They are the main functions when it comes to stopping a car. Hence, the rear tyres should be kept free from any wear and tear.

  • You should check the alignment of the wheel of your car from time to time, especially when your ride has not been on a smooth road. Proper alignment of the wheels ensures a proper balance of the car.

  • The valve of a tyre helps it to hold on to firmly to a car. Since these valves are usually made of rubber, it is a good practice to check their condition as well, from time to time.

  • If you keep an extra tyre for urgent reasons, it is better to keep them within the car. The main reason being that, it should be free from sharp objects and flammable substance or any chemicals.

  • In case you want to opt for a car tyre repair, don’t hesitate to call for our professional service. Not only is it a difficult task to lift and repair a tyre, but the repair should also be done in the best manner and with a perfect tyre.

  • Lastly, don’t predict the longevity of your car’s tyres. Since the material of a tyre is made of rubber, it is perfectly exposed to wear and tear. Do test it properly from time to time by visiting a service centre.


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Basic Car Battery Maintenance

Some simple measures to protect your battery – How to take care

24 Hour Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service Singapore Mitsubishi Evo 1024 Hour Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service Singapore careBuying a new battery or going for a car battery replacement is the ultimate solution and it should definitely be opted for when the need comes. However, at times, we tend to take some easy but not-so-correct way outs that adversely affects the battery conditions. Some sensible measures and careful habits can help our car battery to serve its normal span.

To make a start, you should check whether the battery is getting charged properly and is holding its charge. For this, you require a battery tester, which you can get from any servicing centres nowadays. A battery having full charge has a voltage reading of anything between 12 to 13 volts. If you find yours to be less than that, you should take help of a hydrometer. If the acid to water ratio is indicated to be less in the battery cells, you should bring them back to the normal levels. The normal level would show something around 1.2 specific gravity on the hydrometer. As we know that a battery consists of 6 cells, so we should note here that the specific gravity reading in all of these cells should be the same.

One of the easiest but significant measures is to ride your vehicle regularly. If not using it for travel purpose, at least you should turn on the engine and keep the car running for quite some time. This helps the battery to get charged and discharged on a regular basis. If it remains in a discharged state for a long duration, the battery tends to get corroded due to the formation of sulphate layers on top of it. Similarly, don’t let the battery get overcharged. It is equally harmful to the battery.

Next, you should take a look at the clamps and cables of the battery. If they look to be unclean, use a brush and little bit of baking soda to get them cleaned properly. It is very important to keep the24 Hour Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service Singapore Mitsubishi Evo 1024 Hour Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service Singapore Care 2 entire battery and the surface area around it absolutely clean. Accumulated dirt combined with moisture conducts electricity, no matter how much but still would drain the charge from your battery. In this entire cleaning process, you need to pull out the clamps and bolts from the terminals of the battery at times. Make sure that in case they are too tight to be pulled off, you use a clamp pulling device and get it done. This ensures that nothing gets damaged in the process.

If the clamps or cables of the battery require replacement, make sure you get the ones that are heavy and moulded.

Lastly, avoid using jump-starts frequently and that too do it only if it’s absolutely urgent. It not only tends to damage the battery but other electrical units in the car as well. Usually, a battery becomes flat when more charge is utilized from it than it gets from the alternator. This can be avoided by using a battery charger which is relatively easier to get nowadays.

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