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The only leading brand in Singapore with more than 70% of the cars is using it.


Why choose Amaron Car Battery?

The India-made Amaron Car Battery has been gaining popularity in Singapore over the last few years, and it’s quite easy to see why. With its reputation as a long-lasting battery preceding it, many car owners and car workshop alike are adding the name to their trusted brands. However, car battery life isn’t the only thing to consider when buying a car battery, so what makes this brand special?

Car batteries from this brand exhibit an outstanding balance between price and quality, which are, as you might expect, some of the most important things many consumers consider. With the regular car batteries’ costs ranging from $100 onward, Amaron batteries can easily dominate the mid-range car battery market. Made and tested in India, these batteries are also known to pull through even the toughest of weather and landscape conditions.

Amaron also has quite a wide range of car batteries. They have car batteries for almost every type of vehicle – from Japanese, Korea, continental Cars, Lorries and Vans. Given the range they can offer, it comes as no surprise that drivers and operators from all lifestyles and industries trust them. In Singapore, Even public transportation and military fleet have been using Amaron car battery for their fleet for their Car Battery Replacement.

There are also features to the car batteries that are unique to the brand. To prevent corrosion and increase the lifespan of the car batteries, there is the Silver X Plate technology. For added safety, they used patented BIC vents. To let the drivers easily determine charge status with a single look, there is the Charge Eye Indicator. And while the battery casing’s bright, lime green color effectively gives each car battery maximum visibility, the company also made sure that the casing is made from strong, durable polypropylene. Amaron offers a 12-month warranty, but the manufacturers are more than confident that they won’t be needed.

Add in a 24/7 customer service to the already long list of benefits, and essentially what you get is a long line of potential customers they have won over and are waiting to have their car batteries replaced with ones from Amaron. First to market zero-maintenance batteries, this company has grown so much from their founding in 2000, that it is said that 1 in every 2 cars in Singapore uses Amaron car batteries.

Amaron car battery has taken the world by storm, and their products are now officially exported to 25 countries worldwide. As the brand offers more than just long car battery life, it has gained a following that has quickly risen up to tens of thousands to millions.


All Amaron car batteries replaced by us is cover for warranty period of:

  • 12 month for PETROL vehicle
  •  6 month for DIESEL vehicle

*Warranty covered against Car Battery manufacturer defect ONLY.

All car batteries replaced by us if there are any manufacturer defects, we will have it one for one replacement at no charges incurred.

An onsite fee will be payable if the car battery is not due to manufacturer defect.

Example, The alternator is not charging, The starter motor is not working or engine malfunction. 

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